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Confirmed Invited speakers: Laura Kreidberg (atmospheres, observations), Nikku Madhusudhan (atmospheres, theory), Mercedes Lopez-Morales (O2 in Earth-analogue atmospheres), Michaël Gillon (M-dwarf planets), Rebekah Dawson (planetary architecture), Simon Albrecht (obliquities), George Ricker (TESS), Didier Queloz (CHEOPS), Don Pollacco (PLATO) . . . .

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The Venue: Keele is a campus university, offering inclusive conference packages. The venue is the 400-seater Westminster Theatre at the centre of the campus. Coffee and poster space is just outside, while meals will be served in the adjacent Comus Restaurant. En-suite accommodation is within easy walking distance.


Keele University is situated between Manchester and Birmingham, about one hour from either Manchester or Birmingham airports, and about three hours from London. See Travelling to Keele. We will likely run shuttles to Manchester Airport at peak arrival times.