Talk Programme

Monday am: Planet discovery

Welcoming Remarks (Coel Hellier)
Joey Rodriguez Goodness Gracious Great Balls of Fire: Hot Planets around Hot Stars from KELT
Daniel Bayliss Vetting HATSouth Exoplanet Candidates with K2
Geert Jan Talens First results from MASCARA: MASCARA-1b an exoplanet orbiting a bright star.
Peter Wheatley The Next Generation Transit Survey (NGTS)


Geert Barentsen K2: The Final Leg
William Welsh KIC 10753734 – a transiting circumbinary planet
Edward Gillen Young transiting planets in the K2 clusters
Hugh Osborn A Population of Long-Period planets from K2
Kento Masuda Eccentric and Non-transiting Close Friends of Two Kepler Warm Jupiters


Monday pm: Transit Characterisation

Alexandre Santerne Precise planetary parameters from the ESO-K2 Large Programme
Knicole Colon Characterization of K2 Exoplanets with NIR Transit Photometry from WIYN: Paving the Road to JWST Exoplanet Observations
Carl Ziegler Robo-AO KOI Survey: LGS-AO imaging of every Kepler planetary candidate host star
Oscar Barragan Properties of small transiting exoplanets from the KESPRINT consortium
Aldo Stefano Bonomo Characterization of the K2-3 system with 300 HARPS-N and HARPS radial velocities


Teo Mocnik K2’s Short-Cadence View of Exoplanetary Systems
Holly Sheets A Statistical Characterization of Reflection and Refraction in the Atmospheres of sub-Saturn Kepler Planet Candidates
Fei Yan The stellar line centre-to-limb variation effect during exoplanet transit
Javiera Rey Long-term follow up of transiting hot Jupiters with SOPHIE
George King X-ray transit observations of HD 189733
Tom Louden Modelling the occultation and phase curve of WASP-43b with SPIDERMAN

Tuesday am:

Rebekah Dawson (Invited) Planetary Architecture
Amaury Thiabaud Population synthesis to characterize exoplanets
Vincent Van Eylen Orbital Dynamics of Single and Multi-Planet Systems
Julia Venturini The formation of mini-Neptunes


Elisa Quintana Terrestrial Planet Formation in the Modern Era of Planet-Hunting
Beibei Liu Dynamical rearrangement of close-in super-Earths during disk dispersal
Luca Malavolta Kepler-9 and Kepler-19: two pivotal systems that reconcile RV and TTV mass determinations
Panos Ioannidis Transit timing variations of planets with active host stars


Tuesday pm:

Simon Albrecht (Invited) Obliquities
Mahmoudreza Oshagh Can stellar activity make a planet seem misaligned?
Jiwei Xie Orbits of Planetary Systems: an Eccentricity Dichotomy, a Common Pattern and the Prevalence of Circular Orbits
Benjamin Fulton The California-Kepler Survey. III. A Gap in the Radius Distribution of Small Planets


Dimitri Veras Explaining transits and variability with tidal disruption simulations of minor planets
James Owen Evaporation of close-in planets: the “evaporation valley”
Jacob Arcangeli On the atmospheric properties of the hottest giant exoplanets
Andrew Ridden-Harper A new model of the dust tails of disintegrating rocky exoplanets
Kristine Lam The evaporating atmosphere of WASP-12b
Marko Sestovic The inflation of hot-jupiter exoplanets revisited

Wednesday am: Cool-dwarf planets

Michael Gillon (Invited) M-dwarf planets
David Charbonneau A temperate rocky super-Earth transiting a nearby cool star
Francois Bouchy Follow-up of transiting candidates around M dwarfs
Courtney Dressing Using K2 to Investigate Planetary Systems Orbiting Cool Dwarfs
Paolo Giacobbe Five years of the APACHE survey: results and perspectives


11:20–12:50 Atmospheres:

Nikku Madhusudhan (Invited) Atmospheres: Theory
Jasmina Blecic Assessing the exoplanetary cloud structure and validity of retrieval
Mareike Godolt Climate studies of Earth-like planets in the habitable zone


Wednesday pm: Open

Thursday am: Atmospheres:

Laura Kreidberg (Invited) Atmospheres: Observations
Alessandro Sozzetti A GIANO view of the atmosphere of the transiting Hot Jupiter HD 189733b
Jayne Birkby Transiting Planets at High Spectral Resolution: a Powerful Ground-based Tool for Characterizing Exoplanet Atmospheres
Carl Schmidt Absorption by Mercury’s Atmosphere during Solar Transit


Mercedes Lopez-Morales (Invited) O2 in Earth-analogue atmospheres
Munazza Alam A Transmission Spectrum for the Nearest Transiting Super-Earth
Norio Narita MuSCAT and MuSCAT2 for Detection and Characterization of Transiting Exoplanets
Ian Weaver A new optical transmission spectrum of WASP-43b from ACCESS


Thursday pm: Atmospheres:

Laetitia Delrez Probing the emission spectra of ultra-hot Jupiters using ground-based occultation photometry
Jens Hoeijmakers Molecular Mapping with SINFONI and the future of exoplanet characterization
Hannu Parviainen Ground-based transmission spectroscopy of WASP-80b
John Southworth The atmospheric properties of GJ 1132b and XO-1b from transmission photometry
Sara Khalafinejad A framework for narrow-band transmission spectroscopy


Jean-Michel Desert Lessons and results from a survey of transiting exoplanet atmospheres using a multi-object spectrograph
Lisa Nortmann High resolution transmission spectroscopy with CARMENES
Thomas Beatty Observational Signatures of Cold-trap Processes in Hot Jupiter Atmospheres

7:00 Conference Banquet

Friday: Future Projects/Missions

Jorge Lillo-Box Exoplanet orbit mates through transit searches with the TROY project
George Ricker (Invited) TESS
Didier Queloz (Invited) CHEOPS
Don Pollacco (Invited) PLATO
TBA (Invited) JWST
Jacob Bean FINESSE: A Dedicated Transiting Exoplanet Spectroscopy Mission
Jonti Horner Towards the Exo-Earth Era – a Dedicated Australian Exoplanet Observatory


Estimated end: 3:00–3:30 Coffee/Tea