Wednesday Afternoon Excursions

We are organising several excursions for Wednesday afternoon. To join one send an email to by Tue 11th July (some may be limited in numbers, so also include a second choice).

Ironbridge Gorge: “The birthplace of the Industrial Revolution”. Ironbridge Gorge is a UNESCO World Heritage Site, containing the world’s first bridge made out of iron and multiple museums from the early days of the industrial revolution. Ironbridge is a 1-hr drive from Keele.

A walk around The Roaches: Located within the Peak District national park, The Roaches is a ridge line overlooking the Cheshire plains which offers a fine walk. This is of course weather dependent, and being England that can be anything from glorious to downpour. Walking shoes and a rainproof jacket would be recommended. The Roaches is a 40-min drive from Keele.

Little Moreton Hall: Dating from 1504 to 1610, Little Moreton Hall is an Elizabethan-era manor house still in original condition and now preserved by the National Trust. Little Moreton Hall is a 25-min drive from Keele. (There will be limited numbers for this one.)

The Wedgwood Museum: In 1759 Josiah Wedgwood (grandfather of Charles Darwin) founded the famous Wedgwood company, starting the mass production of fine china and porcelain. So successful was Wedgwood and similar companies that this area of Staffordshire is still known as “The Potteries”. The Wedgwood Museum is dedicated to all things Wedgwood, and is a 20-min drive from Keele.

Jodrell Bank: We’re presuming that people, being astronomers, would be less interested in a trip to Jodrell Bank and the historic Lovell Telescope. But if there were demand we’d be happy to arrange a trip. It’s a 30-min drive from Keele.