Update: Here are the new names

People of the world will get to name the planets that WASP has discovered! The International Astronomical Union have launched Name ExoWorlds 2019, an international competition to name exoplanets. Any country wishing to participate is allocated a planet and gets to name both the planet and its host star. Twenty countries have been given a WASP planet to name. These are:

Aruba WASP-39
Bulgaria WASP-21
Costa Rica WASP-17 (Español)
Dominican Republic WASP-6
Guatemala WASP-22
Ivory Coast WASP-15
Jordan WASP-80
Malawi WASP-63
Mauritius WASP-72
Morocco WASP-161
Panama WASP-79
Philippines WASP-34
Serbia WASP-60
Slovenia WASP-38
South Africa WASP-62
Tanzania WASP-71
Thailand WASP-50
Togo WASP-64
Turkey WASP-52
United Kingdom WASP-13